Armenian Cities that signed the CoM

  • Tsaghkadzor
  • Aparan
  • Hrazdan
  • Spitak
  • Vayq
  • ​Artik
  • ​Yerevan
  • Gyumri
  • ​Dilijan
  • ​Ashtarak

ESF is now a proud supporter of the European Covenant of Mayors

The ESF, supported by the Japanese Social Development Fund, has conducted overarching analysis of the need to reform social assistance schemes to help motivate energy efficiency investments in residential heating in multi-apartment buildings. ESF’s recommendations have guided the decisions over efficient heating options for urban dwellers under the World Bank Urban Heating Program. 
The Foundation to Save Energy (ESF) was founded in 2003 and has since worked with a number of donors and NGOs to promote awareness on energy efficiency issues particularly in the residential sector where utility bills are a burden for the low-income households.  After the closure of the Alliance to Save Energy’s operations in Yerevan, ESF also continued the Alliance’s mission in Armenia.

Home-Owners Associations (HOA) / Condominiums

Under reconstruction

Foundation to Save Energy

ENergy & Resource Efficiency Auditing

ESF has  advocates the use of renewable energy technologies for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions through utilization of organic waste in various resource-intensive production processes, including utilization of agricultural waste for biogas production purposes. 

Climate Change Mitigation and Renewable Energy

The ESF has officially committed to supported sustainability of municipal energy planning by signing a cooperation agreement with the European Commission to serve as the Supporter of the EU Covenant of Mayors. The ESF team has been advising the Armenian municipalities in development of municipal energy plans (MEPs) and Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).

Municipal Energy Planning and Sustainability

Financing Schemes

ESF has  worked with the National Association of Condominium owners to operate a micro-lending facility – a revolving fund for financing energy efficiency improvements in residential building common space, leveraging support from the municipalities of Yerevan, Vanadzor, Gumri and Maralik to allow the participation of low-income families in energy efficiency investments.

  1. SEAPs for Armenian Cities
  2. Flexible Financing for Residential Energy Efficiency

ESF has further worked with NGOs in Yerevan and Vanadzor to train the condominiums / home-owner associations on the low-cost measures they can implement to save energy in their apartment blocks, provided software tools, published tools and guidance on development and implementation of energy efficiency investments. .


Low-Income Energy Affordability and Efficiency

Origin and Qualifications

The ESF team hosts strong energy and resource efficiency auditing and auditor training expertise. In all out projects we carry out energy and resource efficiency audits. Our team includes a number of certified auditors with expertise in multiple fields including public and residential buildings, municipal infrastructure, SME and industrial enterprises.