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Sustainable Energy Action Planning for the City of Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

The Foundation to Save Energy has extended support to the City of Tsaghkadzor, which has signed the European Covenant of Mayors in 2009-2010 and has not yet been able to fulfill its minimal commitment - develop a SEAP. ESF is worked with Tsaghkadzor Municipality to develop the Plan as well as identify cost-effective investment opportunities in energy efficiency and sustainable energy development.

Client: UNDP Small Grants Program​

Sustainable Energy Action Planning for the Capital City of Armenia - Yerevan, Armenia

ESF has been competitively selected by UNDP to develop the Sustainable Energy Action Plan of the City of Yerevan, Armenia in December 2015.  Yerevan has signed the European Covenant of Mayors in September 2014  and plans to submit its 1st SEAP in August 2016.  ESF is worked with Yerevan City Hall  to develop the Plan as well as identify cost-effective investment opportunities in energy efficiency and sustainable energy development.

Client: UNDP

Stocktaking  assessment and analysis of social safety net approaches for supporting energy efficient heating in low-income urban households. 2004


Researched the necessary features of a financing scheme for low-income households’ participation in energy efficient heating investment projects in home-owner associations 
Client:    Japanese Social Development Foundation

Development Planning for Energy Saving and Waste Management System Implementation for an Animal Farm, 2011

Within the framework of an advisory project funded under the EBRD Business Advisory Service Programme, a team of ESF experts accomplished the following for the beneficiary pig farm: (i) conducted a research on technologies and techniques used for waste (manure) management in farms of the countries with developed rural economies and delivered recommendations on efficient waste management systems, with the use of energy saving/renewable energy technologies; (ii) developed a business/development plan to position the pig farm company as a reliable and responsible business partner for foreign investors and donors in the field of agriculture. 
​Client: EBRD BAS
Relevant Implemented Projects

Foundation to Save Energy

Training for Gumri Condominiums on Building Energy Efficiency, 2006


Training the condominium chairpersons in use and application of a computer-based Building Energy Efficiency Program package to design energy efficiency improvement measures, investment projects and business plans. 
Client:    Third Nature NGO

Operation of the Yerevan Condominium Building Energy

Efficiency Micro-Lending Revolving Fund (in cooperation with the National
Association of Condominium Owners), 2008-2009

Within a multi-lateral memorandum of understanding between the local NGOs and the local authorities, 43 home-owner associations have borrowed micro-loans for common-space energy efficiency improvements in the multi-apartment buildings. The loans were repaid in 6 months and were sized to condominium credit-worthiness. The loans were all fully repaid and no defaults or delays were registered. This created the first precedent of condominium energy efficiency lending in Armenia! Client:    USAID

“MODEL-CIUDAD” Project- Management of Domains related to Energy in Local authorities, 2011-2013

The project enabled local authorities supported by the European CIUDAD programme to better deal with sustainable energy issues at local level at local level. Within this regional project, the ESF helps the city of Spitak, along with the regional partners, improve the quality of life of their citizens through bold sustainable energy initiatives, to follow the steps of the 43 MODEL pilot cities. ESF will help Spitak develop actions to encourage citizens, local decision makers and stakeholders in taking their own initiatives, thus preparing the ground for sustainable energy communities. Client:    European Commission under the Energy Cities & Lviv Administration consortium.