Fact Fifth: Decorative radiator covers absorb up to 20% of a room’s heat. Wall radiators are more effective:  radiators situated in niches have 10% less heating capacity than those mounted on a wall.

Tip: Radiators that are uncovered and open to the room are more efficient.

Fact Sixth: Placing a foil-covered heat protection screen between the wall and the radiator can increase heating capacity by 20%. Expenses for heating costs decline by as much as 10%.

Tip: Glue foil to the chip board and place it behind the radiator. 

Fact Second: Heat also escapes through ventilation openings, especially if you live on the upper floors.

Tip: Cover the vent. Even a piece of cardboard helps.  Result: The room temperature will increase by at least 2-3 degrees.  


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Fact First:Almost 30% of all heat leaves your apartment through gaps in your doors and windows.

Tip: Tape the windows and use other insulation measures. Result: The room temperature increases by at least 3-4 degrees. 

Tips on Saving Heat in Your Home


Below are 10 facts about heat loss… and 10 tips that will help you save both heat and money: 

Fact Fourth: If your radiators are not warm enough, the problem may be in air locks.

Tip: To resolve this problem, open the radiator tap until water starts running. Then switch it off. 

Fact Third: Electric ventilators tend to draw much out of your apartment.

Tip: Turn off the ventilator when not needed. 

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Fact Eighth: If you have long curtains, almost 20% of heat is trapped and lost through your windows.

Tip: The curtains should not cover the radiator; allow heat to go into the room.

Fact Ninth: In winter, at least 10-14% of a room’s heat is lost through the window glass.

Tip: Save heat by covering the window with blind and short curtains. 

Fact Seventh: A smooth surfaced radiator increases heating capacity by approximately 10%. A dark colored radiator emits 8-10% more heat than a white one.

Tip: After removing old paint from the radiator and polishing it smooth, paint the radiator dark brown.

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Fact Tenth: Heat losses through the entrance door and broken windows at the staircase may account for 5-15% of a building’s total heat losses.

Tip: Shut the entrance door and glaze the windows at the entrance and staircase.  This saves heats for the entire building.